KNOxOUT™ air purifying paint

World’s first non-toxic, ecological outdoor paint

Removes air pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides

For the planet

This is the world’s first paint that cleans the air of harmful nitrogen oxides.

For the humanity

Air pollution is one of the leading causes of illness and even death. We put health first.

For the future

We revitalize cities, reduce contamination, and look after the environment.



Using KNOxOUT™ paint you turn your wall into a solar-powered air purifier.

The first paint that benefits the health of people in congested cities

The paint that
cleans the air

One square meter painted with KNOxOUT anti-smog paint removes up to 0.44 g of nitrogen oxides in one day.
For comparison, one mature tree filters approximately 0.42 g of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in one day.

O farbach antysmogowych KNOxOUT

Prawdziwa farba

Jeden metr pomalowany farbą antysmogową KnoxOut redukuje ilość toksycznych tlenków azotu (NOx) nawet o około 0.44 g w ciągu jednego dnia.

Jedno dojrzałe drzewo filtruje około 0.42 g toksycznych tlenków azotu (NOx) w ciągu jednego dnia.

KNOxOUT™ actively reduces air pollution.

By using it on facades,
you look after your health.

Proven by research.

KNOxOUT paint has been tested in a very restrictive way by world-renowned specialists. It has been confirmed that it can reduce up to 0.44 g of nitrogen oxides per day. A mature tree filters 0.42 g of nitrogen oxides per day.

How does the KNOxOUT™ paint work?

BOYSEN KNOxOUT™ is the world’s first air-purifying paint with CristalACTiV™ photocatalytic technology. It uses the luminous energy to break down toxic air pollutants and convert them into less harmful substances.

When you see the KNOxOUT anti-smog paint used for painting a mural, you can walk by confidently. The air is a bit cleaner there.
The foundation supports cities, municipalities, corporations, and companies in jointly caring for better air for inhabitants.
What kind of mural would you like? Contact us. We will recommend designers and contractors, as well as help you find the perfect location, right down to the wall.
Eco-friendly KNOxOUT paint turns an ordinary wall into a solar-powered air purifier. It’s an important step towards a healthier future.

6 key features of KNOxOUT™

best view

Continuous action,
KNOxOUT™ works for as long as it’s on the wall. Titanium dioxide is just a catalyst and doesn’t get used up.

Smog removal
The paint removes toxic nitrogen oxides from the air.

Maintains strong intensity, both in white and other colors.

Strong protection
The paint is antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral.

No odor
Has a trace amount of VOC (and is referred to as "negative VOC" when in use). You are not inhaling toxins.

Great texture
It sticks to the brush for easy painting.


Eco-friendly paint
for eco-friendly cities.


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Learn more about the first paints in the world that clean the air and order today. Each wall that you’ll paint using KNOxOUT™ will turn into a solar-powered air purifier.
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